I’m 55, a bit restless and ready to sort out how to make my way through this rather precarious stage of life. The last 29 years have been about caring for my children (the loves of my life) and my family, working hard at an established banking career, upholding a household or two and during the down-times, tending to wonderful friendships and exploring the world.

But I’m at a cross-roads – I have time on my hands. What do I do with it? I’m not young and I’m not old. How do I keep my youthful spirit in this not so youthful body? What do I do with my career now? Do I go back to school? Do I “coast” until retirement? How do I dress now? How much do I want to know about technology? How much do I believe in what I read about and see in everyday media? What does it all mean to me at “this stage of life”? Do I care, can I make a difference? Do I want to make a difference? How do I make a difference?

I’m still so curious about what I can do and what I can accomplish. I really believe it’s not to late to make changes but how much of a change do I want to make? I’ve worked hard and I established – in my career, in my home, in my relationships, in my surroundings. I’ve earned my place of distinction – but what does this all mean and what can I do with it?

I know I’m not the only one wondering about this so let’s explore this stage together. Want to?


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  1. All important questions!
    I too have had a fulfilling career and family life but I want to do more to help others. My goal for my “Second Chapter” is to help improve the latter stage of life for the elderly. I would like to help seniors age with independence, dignity, minimal pain, minimal loneliness, more control over end of life care, financial security, and maximum quality of life. A big job I know! I can’t do it all but if I can make it better for just a few people or maybe help shape policy that could help many more, I would be a happy camper!
    It’s a journey and I need to remind myself to enjoy the journey!!!

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  2. Hi
    I was inspired by your recent retreat and much of what you write captures how we feel in our 50s.

    I created a positivecageing drstination rejuvage that like you is very pro ageing -and would love to feature an article by you – maybe re post one orcadapt one you have done .

    Let me know if you up for it , enjoy your journey I look forward to following it on IG.



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